APAICS | Asian Pacific American Legacy Video Project
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Asian Pacific American Legacy Video Project

2015 31 Jan Asian Pacific American Legacy Video Project

Launched in 2013, the Asian Pacific American Legacy public service campaign used traditional and social media outlets to educate and raise awareness of the contributions Asian Pacific Americans (APAs) have made in U.S. history. In a strategic partnership with United States Capitol Historical Society (USCHS), APAICS highlighted the achievements and contributions made by Members of Congress of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent and the impact their actions have had on society.

The 2013 APA Legacy public service campaign features:

1. Dalip Singh Saund
2. Daniel Inouye
3. Patsy Mink
4. Norman Mineta
5. Bobby Jindal
6. Judy Chu

For more information on this campaign and for more APA history, visit the project’s Tumblr at apalegacy.tumblr.com


The APA Legacy public service campaign is part of USCHS’  APA Members of Congress (MOC) History Project.  The APA MOC History Project creates an accessible public record of the public service and contributions APA MOCs have made for the betterment of all citizens of the United States.  This public record provides a deeper appreciation for the human dimension of representative government.