APAICS | Summer 2015 Recap: APAICS Interns in DC!
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Summer 2015 Recap: APAICS Interns in DC!

2015 19 Aug Summer 2015 Recap: APAICS Interns in DC!

From Meet & Greets with Rep. Grace Meng, Rep. Mark Takano, Rep. Mark Takai, and Rep. Mike Honda, to a Farewell Lunch with Secretary Norman Mineta, and everything in between, APAICS summer interns had a full summer of exploring the Nation’s Capital, inspiring stories from community and political leaders and programming on public service and leadership development. Here’s a recap of their summer!

“Through my internship experience, I’ve had the chance to meet with local community advocates to national organizers.  I’ve had the opportunity to sit and hear the stories and experiences of AAPI changemakers who’ve impacted our nation on a global scale, such as Secretary Norman Mineta, as well as interacted with community leaders of various AAPI organizations such as NCAPA and APIACU.  It’s also incredibly encouraging to see so many young AAPI leaders working hard to create a better future for our community. “

                                 Jessie Wang, University of Florida, Class of 2017

“APAICS has helped connect me to leaders who have inspired me to use who I am and what I stand for as platforms to inspire more change. The AAPI community has been warm, welcoming, and unbelievably passionate about the role in which our community has in shaping the character and discourse of our American society. I have met AAPI political, policy, and advocacy practitioners who have, and to continue to be, pioneers blazing paths and opening opportunities that weren’t quite available to them in their time.”  

Robin Ye, University of Chicago, Class of 2016

Meet & Greet with Congresswoman Grace Meng

Interns with Rep Meng


Community Lunch & Panel with AAPI Leaders in non-profit and public policy

Community Lunch Panel FINAL


Tour of Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism During World War II

JA Memorial Tour 5 of 5 - 07-20-2015


Building the political pipeline for AAPIs – 13 interns from across the country – from Mariana Islands, to West  Coast and East Coast!



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