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Jay Chen

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Jay Chen was elected to the Mt. San Antonio College Board of Trustees in 2015 after serving eight years on the school board, and in 2012 was the Democratic nominee for Congress from his congressional district.  A graduate of local public schools and Harvard University, he also studied at the University of Costa Rica and Peking University.

Jay previously worked at Bain & Company as a management consultant and currently owns his own real estate business.  His first job was as a travel writer for the Let’s Go budget travel series, covering Central America and South America.  He is a Lieutenant in the United States Naval Reserve, a Marshall Memorial Fellow, and speaks Mandarin and Spanish.  Jay resides in Hacienda Heights with his wife Karen and two young children. View Full Bio


Curtis D.W. Hom

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Curtis D.W. Hom is the Principal of the Innova Legal Group, PLLC, a boutique law firm that focuses primarily on intellectual property licensing programs and negotiations, international and domestic standards practice, and business-oriented legal consulting. View Full Bio


Jim J. Park

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Throughout his 20 year career in the housing related field, Jim Park held positions in the nonprofit, government, corporate and small business sectors. In those positions, Park worked to advance sustainable homeownership and community revitalization efforts, particularly for the underserved and multicultural communities. Park served in the Clinton Administration as a political appointee working in the Department of Housing and Urban Development. View Full Bio


Fred Underwood

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Fred Underwood is Director of Diversity and Community Outreach Programs at the National Association of Realtors® and manages the Association’s diversity and fair housing program. Since 1990, Fred has led the Association as it moves to embrace diversity and fair housing. He staffs NAR’s Equal Opportunity – Cultural Diversity Committee, and leads the development of NAR’s policy on fair housing. Fred initiated a comprehensive program on diversity in the housing market and developed precedent setting partnerships with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to jointly address issues diversity, fair housing and outreach to the community. He maintains liaison with private fair housing and civil rights organizations and promotes cooperation between the housing industry and fair housing organizations. View Full Bio