APAICS | Office Fellows and Interns
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Office Fellows and Interns

Kasie Clark | Leadership & Education Equity Fellow

|  kasie@apaics.org

Kasie is from Honolulu, Hawaii where she taught middle school math and science in her childhood neighborhood. She recently received a Master of Education degree from Johns Hopkins University in Secondary Education. As a Leadership in Education Equity (LEE) Fellow, Kasie hopes to aid APAICS in their mission to promote AAPI political participation in order to ultimately give voice to the students in her community.

Sean McGovern | Communications Intern

|  sean@apaics.org 

Sean is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland, where he earned a degree in English Language and Literature. He was placed at APAICS through OCA’s summer internship program. As a communications intern, he hopes to further hone his skills in graphic design and social media while exploring how he can contribute to AAPI nonprofits in the DC area. His identity as mixed race and Thai American pushes him to constantly consider the ramifications of public policy for communities of color. This summer, he’s most excited about meeting and collaborating with other AAPIs who are passionate about their stake in policy, media, and culture. In his free time, Sean is passionate about rock climbing, Asian American literature, and peanut butter.

Rafhanah Pitkin | General Intern

|  rafhanah@apaics.org 

Rafhanah is a graduate from Norwich University, having majored in International Studies and Chinese. She has found that as a Malay-American originally from Singapore, it is rare to find other Malays involved in any level of American politics compared to other AAPI counterparts. Rafhanah wants to change the dynamic and taking steps to expose the opportunities as a Malay-American in politics to individuals in her community. APAICS’ mission is to create a pipeline and opportunities for AAPIs to run for office.  It possesses a great foundation and resource for individuals to stand on in their political journey. This summer she expects to embrace each day with positive energy as an intern with APAICS. In her free time, Rafhanah enjoys shopping, staying fit, and is one of the few Asian-American females to graduate from a military college.  




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