APAICS | Office Interns
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Office Interns


Soo-Yeon “Marie” Kim


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

School: UC Berkeley

“It’s important to build the AAPI representation in the political pipeline so that voice of our community is heard and our interests are reflected in the political system. By doing so we will increase our community’s visibility and bring positive influences for the future generations.”

Timothy Tumbokon


Hometown: Montville, NJ
School: Suffolk University
“Philosophically, Its is never a good idea for our nation to become an echo chamber. So building up people with new and different approaches can help our countries progress.”


Jaclyn Marmol


Hometown: Falls Church, VA
School: Virginia Tech
“I think it’s necessary to have a political pipeline for the AAPI community, because it ensures that there will be continued interest and participation from AAPIs in all levels of government. By showing AAPI representation, it can inspire and influence future generations to run for office and to create positive changes in society.”


Leah Han


Hometown: Springfield, VA
School: Virginia Tech
“It’s important to build the AAPI representation in the political pipeline in order to better prepare future leaders who will encourage more AAPI involvement with the rest of the community. With increasing involvement, it will create a more harmonious society.”




If you have a question, you can reach us at:

CALL: (202) 296-9200

EMAIL: apaics@apaics.org