2019 Women’s Collective Summit

Bringing powerful AAPI women together to share, to inspire, and to take bold action towards creating a more representative democracy

Draft Program

All We Do Is Win: Squad Goals

The panel highlights the importance of sisterhood, having a supportive squad, and how to build a team that can win in any situation.


This is How we Do it: Governance Power

This panel highlights navigating the political process – including knowing the difference between politics and policy, agenda setting, and building strategic alliances and coalitions to pass legislation and to move into leadership positions and on committees.


AAPI Women in Statewide Office

The plenary highlights AAPI women serving at the highest level of state government, they will share their experiences as an executive of their state and the journey that they took to get there.


All Eyez On Me: Life in the Public Eye

This panel highlights the challenges facing AAPI women in public service and practicing resiliency when faced with issues such as racism, sexism, community politics, media bias, political attacks, and maintaining a healthy work and life balance.


Run the World: Building the Pipeline for Women of Color

This panel highlights the power of allyship, recruiting and mentoring young women of color, and successful strategies and programs.


Call to Action: Building Your Toolkit

Participants will develop their next steps and commit to creating a more reflective democracy and develop a list of resources they need to build their toolkit.

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