Press Releases | Nov 1

APAICS and AAPI Coalition Express Concerns about the Xenophobic Rhetoric in 2010 Campaigns

APAICS has joined a coalition of Asian American and Pacific Islander community serving organizations to express concerns about the xenophobic rhetoric that has drawn...

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Press Releases | Sep 13

APAICS and YUM! Brands Launch Online APA Political Database

Washington, DC—The Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) is proud to announce the launch of the Asian Pacific American Political Database, a...

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Headlines | Aug 8

A Whole New World

Can I possibly describe my overall experience in Washington, DC as an APAICS intern at the Department of Veterans Affairs in two words? Yes. “Life changing.” Let me explain why. Imagine yourself an adoptee from South Korea, with two amazing parents who have absolutely no Asian American cultural ties, in a town of 6,000 people in Northern Michigan. Imagine yourself as the only minority on the hockey team, the only minority in your close circle of friends, and one of the only minorities in the entire school. Imagine yourself leaving home to attend a liberal arts school named Grand Valley State University, based in a city with less than 2% Asian American population. Now imagine yourself leaving that environment to participate in an internship program named the Asian Pacific Americans Institute for Congressional Studies. Imagine arriving in Washington, DC without having any legitimate housing plans, no social connections, and no solid idea what it really meant to be an Asian American. This was my reality.

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Headlines | Aug 8

What a Wonderful World

My name is Lin Rui [lin-ray] Li. Rui is not a neglected middle name, but a crucial second half of my first name. I have not mastered how to confront wrongsayers of my name in person, but I was advised by the Honorable Tammy Duckworth, Assistant Secretary of the Office of Public and Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) , to tell it as it is to the right people and eventually, everyone will get it. The World Wide Web seemed an appropriate person to tell.

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