Headlines | Jul 26

Secretary Mineta’s Portrait Hanging Ceremony

Former Secretary Norman Y. Mineta, the founder of APAICS and the first Asian Pacific American to serve in a presidential Cabinet post, had his portrait installed in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery on Monday, July 26, 2010. APAICS helped sponsor the commissioning of the painting and attended the installation ceremony.

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Headlines | Jul 25

Home Away From Home

Seven weeks ago, when I started my internship, I didn't really understand networking. For me, it usually just meant exchanging smiles, names, schools, and cards and then never seeing each other again. Being part of APAICS and attending CAPAL's Washington Leadership Program every week changed all that. We still exchanged smiles, names, schools, and cards, but that was only the beginning. Every week at WLP, I would bump into interns I'd already met and because we'd already gotten past the introductions, we had a chance to get to know each other more. Soon enough, I was bumping into interns at receptions, on subways, in hallways, at parties. Just a bunch of interns coincidentally bumping into each other and starting to build connections.

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Headlines | Jul 25

Endless Connections: A Wealth of Opportunities

As one of 14 APAICS interns in the class of 2010, I am fortunate to spend my summer in Washington, DC. Through this program I have been exposed to endless connections and a wealth of opportunities that have developed my professional skills and personal interests. Two of my main interests focus on politics and education. The political aspect of education continues to drive my commitment to learn and stay involved with current legislation and opportunities available. It also encourages me to pursue a career in politics so that I can positively impact education through policy.

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Headlines | Jul 18

Collaboration through Common Histories

It is a well-known fact that summertime in DC is intern season. Having been here for about a month, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many interns through mixers, networking events, and other activities throughout the city.

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