Headlines | Jul 10

The Role of the Peace Corps

We’re not in the Cold War anymore. We are twenty years past the Cold War and now live in a multi polar world where the United States is only a mere player on the world stage. The Peace Corps is not a propaganda tool of the United States and does not serve to ‘boast about how wonderful America is.’ The Peace Corps is also not a non-profit organization. Rather, it is an agency within the federal government of the United States, and thus, is placed on the same level of organization under the Executive Branch as the Department of State. Many are surprised to hear that the Peace Corps is still functioning and operating—but as our world has dramatically changed over the past twenty year, the Peace Corps has also taken on a startlingly immense transformation to address the important issues of development in our current situation in 2010.

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Headlines | Jul 1

In the News: APAICS Summer Interns Hard at Work

Washington, D.C.--Amidst the Washington summer heat, 13 Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) students have arrived to learn how Washington works. These interns will become a part of the Tri-Caucus organizations that will bond together over the coming eight weeks either working in a congressional office, federal agency, or a non-profit organization.

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Headlines | Jun 25

DC Fever

As someone from the suburbs in the Midwest, I got hit by D.C. fever a few weeks into my internship. Not only do I love my internship on Capitol Hill and the people in my office, but I also love the excitement of everything that is happening around me.

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Headlines | Jun 25

Having a Seat at the Table

One of the perks of being an intern is going to many conferences for free! This week, one of the conferences I volunteered at was the Asian American Justice Center’s Advancing Justice Conference. The theme of the conference is "Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders United in Strength." In a keynote address, former Secretary Norman Mineta wisely said that it is not just having a seat at the table, but it is what we do at the table: "Don’t define in advance your seat at the table. We have no single seat at the table. We’re qualified to sit anywhere. We just have to make sure we don’t forget to bring who we are to the table."

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